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Bereawiki is an online encyclopedia defending a Biblical worldview, covering not only Biblical apologetics but also political, scientific, and economic issues. So far 2 of the top 5 lists of alleged Bible contradictions on the internet (Jim Meritt's of Infidels and TheThinkingAtheist's) have been debunked here and the remaining 3 (Skeptics Annotated Bible, EvilBible, and Donald Morgan's of Infidels) are being currently addressed. Berea refers to the Bereans of Acts 17:10-11 who were called noble for questioning the Bible to sincerely seek after truth and righteousness.

Alleged Bible Contradictions
Infidels Complete debunking of Jim Meritt's List of Biblical Contradictions at
ThinkingAtheist Complete debunking of the list at
Skeptics Annotated Bible Passages related to the list at Skeptics Annotated Bible as featured on Project Reason and BibViz.
EvilBible Passages related to the list at
Bible Evidence
Manuscript Evidence Documentary evidence for the Bible's accurate preservation.
Archaeological Evidence Archaeological artifacts supporting the Biblical accounts.
Scientific Evidence Scientific proofs for the Bible's reliability.
Historical Evidence of Jesus Historical evidence for the existence of Jesus.
Creationism Thorough and unique evidence for young earth creationism.
Noah's Flood Evidence Evidence for the Noahic Flood.
Philosophical/Ethical Criticisms
Problem of Evil Disproof of the criticism questioning how evil can exist given a moral, all-powerful God.
Destruction of Canaanites Why God was just in His destruction of Canaanite nations.
Dawkins' Criticisms Refutation of Richard Dawkins' vague accusations that God is racist, homophobic, infanticidal, etc.
Religion and Wars Analysis showing atheist governments have killed more than Christian ones.
Slavery The Bible does not support slavery.
Judge Not What the Bible really says about judging.
Political Issues
Separation of Church & State Evidence the U.S. began a Christian nation.
Abortion Factual arguments from a pro-life standpoint.
Homosexuality Unique evidence against homosexuality being genetic.
Death Penalty Only those without sin can cast the first stone.
Welfare and Usury The Bible supports welfare for those who work and condemns usury.
Republicans vs. Democrats
Biblical Analogy Democrats resemble the Pharisees/Sadducees and Republicans the Publicans or Tax Collectors.
Economic Comparison Analysis of how Republicans do vs. Democrats in managing the economy and U.S. Budget.
Civil Rights Comparison of both parties on the issue of civil rights.
Obama Lies A list of lies by Barack Obama.
Obama Impeachment A case for the impeachment of Barack Obama.
Political Reforms
U.S. Budget Proposal A budget that would create tens of millions of jobs while cutting long-term government spending.
Judicial Reform Bill Tort reform, impeachment of dictatorial judges, etc.
Health Care Reform Bill A limited system covering basic universal care that cuts costs by providing care directly.
End Times Analysis of the book of Revelation and when the Great Tribulation will take place.
Predestination What the Bible says about predestination and free will.
Modesty What the Bible says about modesty.
Other Religions
Mormonism Why Mormonism is unChristian.
Catholicism Is Catholicism as a religion Biblically-based?
Islam Analysis of Islam.
Hinduism Analysis of Hinduism.
Buddhism Analysis of Buddhism.

The intent of this website is to provide evidence showing the Bible and God are defensible from a logical, evidence-seeking standpoint. God does exist, the Bible is true, and Jesus did come to redeem us from our sins. There is evil in this life, not justice, where evil people prosper and those who are good die early deaths. Therefore, for justice and morality to truly exist at all, there must be a life after this one, a judgment to reward the good and punish the evil, and a Judge of all. That Judge is God.

For resources used in examining the Bible and alleged contradictions, see Resources.

A Caution on Wisdom.

All content created by and copyright of Joshua David Zambrano.

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