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Wiki Purpose

BereaWiki is a personal website designed to defend the Bible, Christianity, and conservatism from false attacks. Content is the property of its respective authors. All content as of October 28th, 2016 that is linked to by the main page and related subpages has been created by Joshua David Zambrano. Public debate is encouraged on debate pages but edits of content pages are intended for use in defending the Bible and Christianity.

This website is intended not to stop faith, but to strengthen it. In a day and age where atheists constantly level new accusations against God and the Bible, oftentimes within the walls of public classrooms themselves, it is easy for young students, even Christians, to initially succumb to the barrage of attacks. It is better to believe through physical evidence than not at all which is why Jesus showed Thomas and the other unbelieving disciples His wounds, telling them "be not faithless, but believing."

This wiki is not intended to present a "Neutral Point of View" but a Bible-centered Point of View, as with sites like ThinkingAtheist this site has an open purpose, but to defend the Bible, not attack it. As such all editors are expected to edit accordingly. Any and all evidence can be addressed of course, however it should be addressed from a Christian perspective.

Other points of view are allowed only in the Debate section (specifically intended for allowing free discussion on the issues) and on user pages. The wiki as a whole is intended to exist for the express purpose of glorifying God and defending the Bible.


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Bereawiki is as openly critical of the secular, liberal, atheistic viewpoint as that viewpoint typically is of the Bible and conservatism. Bereawiki draws inspiration in doing so from the Bible, for just as Jesus lambasted the Pharisees in Matthew 23 for their hypocritical regulations and dishonest distortion of the truth, even so should those today who repeat their despicable actions be likewise called out for spreading evil and lies. In fact, those in the Bible consistently spoke out against those doing wrong. For example, Elijah criticized Ahab and John the Baptist spoke out against Herod's incest. Nor were the godliest of men immune from criticism, for David was criticized by Nathan and Paul even criticized Peter.

If people are doing evil, they need to be told what they are doing is wrong, for they will one day stand in judgment before God. It is not loving to them or others to let sin go unrebuked. We all need to repent, but despite our own problems, we nonetheless are obligated to call out evil and lies for what they are; so long as we hold ourselves to the same standards, and strive to change ourselves as well. The idea that Christians must always be quiet and gentle without ever standing for their beliefs or speaking out against what is wrong is a myth perpetuated by the workers of darkness that don't want their evil deeds exposed. Notice that those who make such arguments will be openly critical of Christians, but are the first to complain about judging when criticized in return. They do not genuinely believe "judging" is wrong, they are just so evil they will do whatever they can to silence judgment of themselves.

Founder, Special Thanks

Original design and content by Joshua David Zambrano.

Special Thanks:

  • God and His Son Jesus for giving me hope and a future, a reason to live.
  • Rosinsky Joannis for his expertise in site setup and hosting.